Enhanced Odor Detection System

The K-9 SOS Enhanced Odor Detection System (K-9 EODS) capitalizes on the remarkable natural odor detection and odor discrimination capabilities of the canine.

Using this revolutionary, patented system to screen people for explosives, we have been able to achieve detection accuracy and reliability never before attained in field sampling or any other security setting. Learn more about our detection techniques:

K-9 EODS (Enhanced Odor Detection System)

A subject passing through the EODS receives the equivalent of a full body scan. The system is extremely efficient and flexible. We have achieved screening times in a working environment of less than two seconds per person. In addition, EODS may be configured any number of ways to meet specific client requirements and to retrofit virtually any existing site for installation.

See the details:EODS Booklet

The Concept

The concept of the system is simple: instead of having a canine approach and search subjects (or objects) in the field

  1. Place the canine in a carefully engineered space.
  2. Have subjects pass through a chamber where they are washed with a continuous air stream dislodging target odors.
  3. Channel this airstream with target odors directly to the canine for detection resulting in an alert. An alert is a behavior that the canine has been trained to exhibit upon detecting a target odor (typically an explosive compound).


Before actual deployment, a K-9 EODS prototype was tested at a highly secure federal facility during 2008. The testing consisted of 30 randomized trials involving nearly 2,800 employee and test subject entries through the system. The results were startling. The bottom line was that in this U.S. government-mandated, scientifically conducted test, the K-9 EODS detected target odors every time they were administered and produced no false alerts during the entire course of the testing.


Although early interest has been focused on sampling thousands of people daily as they move in and out of highly secure facilities, K-9 EODS would be equally effective anywhere security is an issue. This could include a variety of settings:

  • Airports
  • Military Installations
  • Government Facilities

The system can be configured to screen several subjects at once without the subjects having to stop or pause. Beyond that, the system can screen objects, such as boxes or luggage on a conveyor or moving vehicles.