Canine Field Searches

Our primary working unit is a canine team that consists of one handler and one canine. The bond of respect and trust between the handler and his or her dog is critical to successful on-the-job performance.

Our canines are trained to alert their handler to the presence of more than a dozen particular odors associated with bombs, narcotics, or humans in concealment.

The Search

The handler constantly observes the canine's behavior and will know immediately when the canine encounters one of the odors on which it is trained to alert. The dog will show a change in behavior. The handler will then take whatever action has been prescribed, such as notifying the facility's security force.

Primary Threats

Although explosives detection is the main concern for our industry given the terrorist threat around the world, our canines can detect a variety of odors in support of a secure workplace. Detectable targets include chemical weapons of mass destruction, narcotics, concealed humans, and property tagged with an odor canines will detect.

  • Chemical WMDs
  • Narcotics
  • Concealed Humans

Our field performance has been outstanding. We have searched millions of people for explosives with reliability unprecedented in the industry, approaching one non-productive alert in 100,000 searches.

Learn More

Learn more about detection techniques in our PDF guide: Protection Through Detection