K-9 SOS Facilities

K-9 SOS designed and built the finest canine training facility in the U.S. The 18,000 square foot, climate-controlled building houses a training center, kennels, and our headquarters offices.

The training center is used for various types of canine detection training. We can train indoors, so weather is not a limiting factor. Within the 10,000 square foot indoor training area, we have several props to allow a variety of training scenarios.

Our Canine Training Facility

Our building also contains 6,000 square-feet of kennel space. This area is home to 50 canines. The kennel area is sanitized 3 times per day with an electric pressure washer system and is well ventilated by several large fans that keep air circulating and eliminate odor. Our kennels are set 3 feet above floor level to keep our canines free from parasites and waste. Our kennel contains a washing room area, which has a ramped washbasin that allows us to keep our canines bathed and groomed. This area is also utilized for our veterinarian/health management program.

The training facility also houses our corporate headquarters in 2,000 square-feet of modern, secure office space.